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Thread: OM2n mirror locks up once in a while.

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    Default OM2n mirror locks up once in a while.

    Folks, here's a weird problem I'm facing with my OM2n. If I use it on aperture priority or manual mode, the mirror locks up every 6-7 shots and the shutter doesn't fire. When I move the lever to the battery check position, the shutter is released and the mirror flips down. However, when the mode lever is in the "off" position, i.e., fixed shutter speed, I can always fire the shutter, every time.

    Thought it may be dead batteries, so I installed fresh silver oxide SR44's. No luck, it's the same. I then checked the battery voltages with a multimeter and both sets are fresh. Has anyone seen this happen? Any suggestions? Are the electronics fried?

    Alfred (rebalf)... have you seen this with any of your OM's? Any quick way of fixing it?

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    sound like short circuit.

    i have this problem on om2sp in auto mode sometime when i press side button to light up the LED, battery drain flat after that. i usuallly take out the batteries to release the mirror. i never press LED again after in auto mode, so far so good, battery last for 6mths liao even after some heavy usage.


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