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Thread: Tripod Dilemma

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    Tripod is something which wud most likely follow u all the way of ur photography life. It's a one time investment thingy, So u should make the best out of that one time so tat u wun need to get another 1 in the future

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    Quote Originally Posted by shogubong View Post

    im looking for something at most in the form of the 190cxpro3 or at the least a travel angel CF tripod. i looked at the specs of the 190cxpro3 and it all seems good except for the price but i guess as photographers, we really cant afford to be tight specially for good equipments. i also looked at the benro travel angel CF tripods and also liked them.
    i don't like the maximum 190 height, much too low. that said, manfrotto quality is good.

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    alternative is to buy a manfrotto prosumer tripod, these are pretty light, 1-1.5kg, max loads vary, but very value for money for the quality delivered.

    my 785b has been with me to many places for a year plus, including being submerged all the way to the top section more than thrice.. but it's still surviving, although it did puke out quite a bit of water after these submersions. to be fair, for the price i paid, i expected it to give up the ghost by now, but it hasn't.

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