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Thread: Some newbie pic from Aussie

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    Talking Some newbie pic from Aussie


    This is my first step towards taking better pictures
    Comments are greatly appreciated .

    Photo #1 - thick cream with wonderful scones

    Photo #2 - Sweets galore

    Photo #3 - "Panadol" .. its actually a wrapped bale of hay

    Photo #4 - In the Sun

    Photo #5 - Colouful Champagne

    Photo #6 - Singing in the streets

    Photo #7 - Lonely weed

    Photo #8 - Tasmania Beach

    Photo #9 - Tasmania Beach

    Ps: first time posting... hope link works

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    works well...

    your newbie pic looks better than my newbie pic...

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    all have some kind of surreal mood

    photo#1 maybe can decrease distance b/w the jug and the plate..or close up on the plate alone

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    Hi Denn23,

    Thanks for the compliment we newbies got much to learn from the lao jiao eh ^_^~

    Clive, thanks for the tip. That shot was in the moment.. haha... aussie uncle pourin cream onto his scone, and I just had to take a shot... didnt have anytime to think it through :P


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