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Thread: PS 7 batch processing

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    Default PS 7 batch processing

    I can't seem to get the "save and close" option under the batch destination to work. For example image resizing, I have an action that reduces an image's size. After reducing every image, a dialog box will pop out, prompting me for the kind of jpeg compression that I want. I have to keep clicking this dialog box for every single image in the batch process.

    Anyone faces this prob?? I didn't encounter this when I was using PS 6.

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    no one used PS 7 oredi???
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    still no one???

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    Just below the Choose... button for the Destination, check (tick) on Override Action "Save As" Commands.

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    Default doesn't actions does not have any save function in them. Anyone else encounter this prob in PS 7??

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    I dun have any problem on my PS7...

    How do U record ur action?

    My action have a "Image Size" & "Save" under it...

    Then I use what ultrazoom is saying :

    File --> Automate --> Batch ...

    Go to "Destination" section, choose "Folder" from the combobox

    Then click to check Override Action "Save As" Commands

    Check file naming, then juz click "OK"

    PS will resize each opened images and close the image with no prompt.
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    when recording the batch action save options, if you decide to use high, move around to low and set back to high again and click ok, ps7 wil then record the action next time when you run the batch it will not prompt you for jpeg compression options again

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    okie, okie....thanks everyone for their help...I'll go back and try again...

    It's weird that the same actions under PS 6 did not give me this prob...

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    Thanks ultrazoom, Landes & hong!! Your advice worked!! Thanks again for your time and patient for explaining the steps to me.


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