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    1. in what area is critique to be sought?

    exposure, composition, post process and mostly, do you this one looks interesting to you.

    2. what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?

    try to have a fake HDR look on this photo, I really want to show a strong contrast of a noisy foreground and tranquil background (with cloudy sky, trees and luxury mansions)

    3. under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)

    I took this from my window with my 40D + 17-85mm/4-5.6 lens. I was irritated by the loud noise coming from the construction site nearby for a while, but when I took a picture of this, I actually find this is very interesting.

    4. what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture
    I think that huge number elements here creates a strong contrast. I am not very sure about the post-process here, I enhanced the details in the shadows and added bluish tone to the picture.

    i'm a newbie here ! any comments will be appreciated ! ^_^
    Thanks a lot!

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    any comment is appreciated.

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    pls be patient. due to new threads in critique will take awhile to be posted up.

    with regards to the photo...ur clouds are interesting..which is abt the only thing interesting in the picture. i've no idea what is the intention or story in the picture if it weren't for ur writeup. we can't really see the 'contrast' of the 'noisy' foreground in relation to the 'tranquil' bg.
    cranes are distracting as well..due to their height, makes it kind of hard to see where the foreground ends and where the bg begins.

    not a good composition to start of with. makes ur work alot harder.

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    From the pic, I think by cropping of the edge of the building on the right would be good.

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    hi, thanks a lot for your comments. They are very helpful to me

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    to cut a long story short, the scene is way too cluttered, and the photograph is overprocessed.

    sometimes, less is more.. and go easy on the PP .

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    too many details in the picture, a little uncomfortable to the eyes..
    and the colours look too strong and unrealistic..

    maybe you could try toning down the saturation to give it a more rustic feel
    so at least there's some emotion to the picture.

    on a random note, nice view you have there !

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    sleepyatian - IMO, there are too many things happening in the picture (skyline, construction, canal etc.)

    but i thought the clouds were interesting so i would crop panorama and focus on the clouds (2/3) and buildings (1/3).

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    heyy. i don't think the background is particularly tranquil... just curious, what's your intention in trying to have a fake HDR look? HDR works wonders for some photos, but... not for this, because the photo is wayy cluttered, so the high contrast makes it very harsh on the eyes.

    that said, i like the clouds a lot. i think the buildings in the skyline plus the clouds would have made a pretty decent panorama.

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    alternatively, if you wanted to have the foreground/background idea, you could have zoomed in on the one big yellow crane to the right side, and shot portrait instead. this would have reduced the clutter, and because of the clear, bright colours in the foreground (yellow, orange sand, red roofs), you would contrast with the blue/grey background.

    this is probably because your current foreground clutter is broken up by the green/brown tree and the murky river. reduce whats in the frame to make it stand out more.


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