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Thread: Seeking user opinions for Kodak Portra NC400 and Fujifilm NPH

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    Default Seeking user opinions for Kodak Portra NC400 and Fujifilm NPH

    I'd like to know the opinions of folks who have used the Kodak Portra NC400, and also the Fujifilm NPH. If you've used both before, that would be even better, to compare how these film perform against each other.

    Aspects like skin tone accuracy for asians, high resolution for the ability to make enlargements, scanning performance, sharpness, granularity, exposure latitude, and any other details if possible. Even suggestions for which lab to get them processed and for a good price would be great too.

    From what I have been able to find out, Portra NC400 is not widely carried in SG, and NPH is currently out of stock in many shops here. I'm planning to order some NC400 from B&H if I still can't locate it here.

    Thanks in advance for any helpful info provided!

    (On a side note, opinions on Kodak VC and UC would also be appreciated.)

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    FYI, MS Color AMK have a bit of FujiColor 400NPH film in stock.

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    i only tried NPH on landscape and compared the same scene shot with "normal, usual film". main thing is that NPH gives u significantly low contrast; highlights wont blow out and shadowed areas wont be "dark dark" =)

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    Thanks. Just managed to get some NPH from CP a couple of days back. Kodak UC and NC still nowhere to be found locally.


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