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    Hi. I will be visiting S'pore with my wife and 2 kids (1 yr & 2 yr+) this weekend. Just need some guides from you people where are the best place to see Christmas lights? Cos we will be there for 3 nights only, 1 night will be spent in Sentosa Island. As time is tight, I would appreciate some pointers as to where are the good Christmas spots to take some beautiful family pictures (no time to wonder around... hehe).

    I have a Nikon D80 with the kit lens (18-135mm), a 50mm f/1.4 and the SB900 flash. Was thinking of just bringing the 50mm lens (which is mounted on my camera since I bought it, seldom use the kit lens). Would that be enough for night photography? Carrying all of these is just impossible as I have another bag of kids supplies on my back and a video camera too.

    Thanks in advance for any feedbacks/recommendations.
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    Orchard road will be your best bet. Your 50mm will come to good use. Have you considered getting a monopod for the trip too?
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    Orchard road, for photography. You may start from Tanglin Mall if you have time.
    If tight, exit Orchard MRT, start from Ion, then slowly walk down to the Takashimaya, and then may cross over to Paragon.

    In my opinion, 50 mm can be a bot tight for family group photo. However, if you have use to it, will be fine.

    I am aware of the weight issue, but if I'm in your situation, I will carry the kit lens for versatile and a tripod / monopod.

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    You can also visit the Esplanade.
    Arrive at City Hall MRT walk through City Link (an underground shopping mall) exit at Esplanade.
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    orchard road or marina square
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