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Thread: A Shift of Perspective

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    Default A Shift of Perspective

    1. in what area is critique to be sought?
    Composition, Post Processing, General Idea

    2. what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?
    A shift of perspective or movement of the eyes from the bright area to the shift icon

    3. under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)
    Window Light as the primary ligt source

    4. what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture
    I feel most would look at the bright area before the shift icon and this depicts a shift of perspective

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    Default Re: A Shift of Perspective

    any body?

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    Default Re: A Shift of Perspective

    Actually, because of your title, I noticed the shift key first. From my personal perspective, the "shift" of perspective doesn't work for me. In terms of composition, maybe can try to make something interesting out of a common shot/angle. Toned PP to match the idea is quite good.

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    wow..i'm sorry..but ur picture doesn't make any sense.
    and actually more people would notice the shift key first. the overexposed bit is just a distraction.

    it's hard to pick on the composition, PP of the picture when it doesn't make tell much.

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    This is another example of subjective thinking... of what you think is different from what viewers' thought.

    with the white letter against a dark backing plus an arrow sign, it is obvious that the attn will be there first, same for those arrow indication on roads and traffic sign.

    there is no perspective to shift, focus ( attention )...yes.


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