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Thread: Break Guiness World Records with 10,000 sky lanterns!

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    Default Break Guiness World Records with 10,000 sky lanterns!

    Freedom Faithnet Global (FFG) presents
    a spectacular event
    Annual Freedom Celebration
    5-6 December 2009
    Participants coming from 35 countries, 5 continents…
    their names will be recorded in
    AFC Theme: "Green Attitude"

    You will gain opportunities to develop your inner potential, leadership and people skills. Be inspired! Be touched by magical moments that will open up your heart and your mind, and awaken the giant in you that might lead to you take action to change your life

    Fun! Excitement! All happening at this spectacular event!!!

    The name of each participant will be individually recorded in the museum of Guiness World Records London, UK

    Participants will help to break the Guiness World Records for the release of 10,000 of gong ming lanterns (sky lantern) into the sky!!!

    For more info, please contact me :
    Yin Fan +6596171048

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    Default Re: Break Guiness World Records with 10,000 sky lanterns!

    Maybe we should gather 10,000 people in one place to fart at the same time........... There's another world record there.


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