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Thread: What do you think of paying a model for shooting?

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    Default Re: What do you think of paying a model for shooting?

    Quote Originally Posted by pete2322 View Post
    How many of you think its okay and worth hiring a model for photoshooting?

    Would you thought of it's more worthwhile to view others photographers pictures who have shoot them eventhough it come across that some of your favorite models that you intend to shoot?

    Or just viewing those model pictures online and if want to shoot potraits just ask your girlfriend, sister or friend for shooting?

    Share your view here :-).
    Quote Originally Posted by pete2322 View Post
    Looks like most people here are throwing out the question back to me?

    I am asking for those photographers who pay the model for photoshoot, what's their reasong of doing so. This includes those pay for non comercial 1 to 1 photoshoot.

    I'm hoping we can share our thought here of your reason doing so.
    if ones call himself/herself a photographer, how can he/she be satisfied by viewing other people works, and not taking photos of the subjects (as in photography genre) he/she interested with?

    he/she need to have hands on experience, finding husband/wife, friends or someone they know to pose for them is one way, hiring somebody to pose for them is also one way.

    what's wrong with hiring a model to pose? don't models do this for making a living? you question seem like asking why would people hiring somebody with no or little posing experience.

    you are generalizing everything again. just like the other thread by you, you still have not clarify what do you mean by commercial shoot, and asking Why most commercial shoot use 2 umbrella?, many members has already pointed it is not truth.

    hiring professional models can be very expensive, none professional models are cheaper, wannabe models are even cheaper, friends and someone you know will cost you little or free. So photographers can just pick whichever ways seem fit to him/her.
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    Default Re: What do you think of paying a model for shooting?

    I would rather spend on equipment.

    For practice, actually any subject will do. Unless the model can teach you a thing or 2 (which is unlikely for new models), you don't really learn anything from it other than getting exposure to shoot posed models (You can ask your friends to pose too). More likely it's the other way round, where photographers (experienced ones) teach the model how to pose etc..

    So having spend on model shoots(those who are not "professional" models that depends on modeling as rice bowl) don't really train you to take better pictures (unless there is other photographers to teach you a trick or 2).. YMMV, so it's just personal opinion.

    But having better equipments almost certainty helps to take better pictures (compared to one's own pictures, not compared to others).

    The bokeh, the large aperture for high shutter speed, the IS to prevent blur, the faster and more accurate AF etc.. all helps to create a better picture, so the photographer can better focus on composition etc.. instead of trying to lock focus using a crap lens or trying to find a good spot with far far away BG for that creamy bokeh due to the small max aperture of cheap lens.

    Having better equipment or extra equipment (like powerful external flash for that diffused illumination) usually helps too.

    So, if the objective is to help one to take better pictures, equipments is more worthwhile. But if the objective to just to collect pictures where quality is not so important.. equipments doesn't really matter. It all depends on what is the objective.

    Quote Originally Posted by pete2322 View Post

    So let say you have $1000 to burn, would you use it to hire a model to shoot for fun or spend on lenses or camera gears?

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    Default Re: What do you think of paying a model for shooting?

    Quote Originally Posted by pete2322 View Post
    Anson, even some model would like to update their portfolios, there would be thousands or more photographers offering this service to her, and only the best would get it. Most beginner or amateur won't have the chances of getting a TFCD from a real models( not those beginner model or part timers student cum model)

    There are various type of "model" in the industry, ranging from showgals, runway, photo-shoot, fashion, product, etc. Thus a runway model may not be suitable for a commercial product shoot, by generalizing them may not be very accommodative.

    With regards to thousands of photographers offering TFCD to models, you have to ask yourself how would you standout from those photographers. Unless you are very gifted in photography I doubt that it's quite hard to learn just from reading book or seeing others photos. To me "Shoot More, Learn More".

    You must be asking why an experienced model offering TFCD, he/she would ask why would they want to shoot for "Free"? It's technically not "Free", remember both the Photographer, MUA, Assistants & Model need to spend their effort and time to make the model look prefect. In a comcard shoot, the Model is the main subject hence making her look stunning is what all have to achieve.

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    Default Re: What do you think of paying a model for shooting?

    Well, we all need to pay for services right?

    If you wish to engage a "real" model, of course she will charge. Nothing wrong with that.

    Just like anyone who wish to engage a "real" professional photographer to take his/her pictures, he/she will need to pay.

    If you step into a saloon, will you ask whether you need to pay the hair dresser for cutting your hair?

    As to whether the services provided worth the money you spend, or whether you need the services at all, no one can tell except yourself. If you can't justify to yourself, don't buy the service.

    As to whether it's more worthwhile to spend on equipments, well, what if you already own some decent equipments? Do you want to keep on expanding your arsenals and keep them in the dry cabinets or you want to look for something of your interest to shoot?

    If you bought a big tele lens you may be tempted to buy some pass to the zoo or bird park. If you bought a portrait lens you may want to test it on family/friends and eventually models or some may prefer to buy some air tickets to fly to tibet to shoot some monks. Simple as that.

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