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Thread: why do people hold DSLR like that?

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    how come TS wanna take photo of the person and post here? You mean he can't take photo like that? Using Liveview, that's the only way to take it.

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    Default Re: why do people hold DSLR like that?

    Don't laugh at Liveview, it can save your ass if you're not vertically gifted

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    Default Re: why do people hold DSLR like that?

    Quote Originally Posted by ziploc View Post
    And what's your intention of posting a pic of his doing this, if I may ask?

    Why not try a different approach. Go to him and start a friendly conversation:

    You: Hey I saw that you're taking some pictures of the class with a nice looking DSLR. How did the pictures turn out?
    Him: Oh hi. Erm.. ok, but some of them look not very clear.
    You: Ya it is hard to take pictures indoor. Normally if I get blur pictures I will try this technique. (And you show him how to do it).
    You: Why don't you give it a try?
    Him: (After taking a few shots). Hey that is indeed better, thank you very much bro!

    Isn't that much better then posting his pic here showing everybody how bad he had done without his knowledge?
    Quote Originally Posted by zeromeansnothing View Post
    Likely that he's new to using DSLR and is using the Liveview function, or maybe he's just out to try out the Liveview.. well.. you really should approach him as suggested.. saves u the effort of taking this pic and posting this thread and at the same time gaining a new friend and solve ur question!
    you guys are right... I could've gone up to him, but I chose not to.
    Just at that moment I saw him using the camera, I thought it weird that someone would use a DSLR in such a way.
    Exploring! :)

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