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    could anyone tell me whether an Instax 25 / 7S is enough for an amateur photographer? as compared to a 210? because i am quite worried that the size of the instant film for the 25 / 7S may not be big enough. as i understand it to be the size of a credit card?
    any form of advice or constructive criticism is welcome

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    I believe that all Instax camera are relatively simple to use and anyone can use it. As for the difference between 25/ 7s and 210 is only the format, i.e. the size of the film. Which camera to get depends one which you would prefer. Small or big. If cost is not an issue, get both I say.

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    if the 25/7s are not big enough for you then take a look at the 210. its 2x bigger than the both. its simple and hustle free instant camera for anyone to use.

    i carry a perm marker with me every time i take it out just to write notes on it.


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