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Thread: Which Portable External Hard Disk to Recommend?

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    Default Re: Which Portable External Hard Disk to Recommend?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gerald Lam CK View Post
    Hi..any brand to recommend? My budget is $120 for a 500GB. May i ask where and exactly which shops are recommended? Kindly advise...thanks.
    Choose WD (western digital).
    It's quite good but for 500GB, $120 may be a little low. I'm not sure though.

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    Smile Re: Which Portable External Hard Disk to Recommend?

    To me, all external drives are equally good and price wise all are very competitive too. I read few members' disk crash. Of course there are more than one reason you can crash the disk. The most important is that any drive more than 250GB it is better to have additional power supply either by external power source or another USB cable to supply power to the drive.
    For users on the move, may be it is better to keep to less than 500GB because you do not need additional power to stablize the disk drive and also it is better to have different drive to organize the files.
    This is my 2 cents thought.

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    Default Re: Which Portable External Hard Disk to Recommend?

    Personally, i'll go for WD and only if I have to, then Seagate. So far, WD have been the best in terms of speed and reliablity.

    As for data recovery, I have the unfortuate experience of going through 3 recoveries. All costing minimally S$1200. There are actually data insurance packages, meaning, you buy a 3 year package for I think 80-100 per year with unlimited data recoveries for the particular HDD or storage array. I think its very worth it esp for professionals photographer and even those who value their data but too busy/lazy to maintain backups so that is quite worth it.

    Do drop me a PM if you need more info on the data insurance packages or wanna find out more on data recoveries.
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