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Thread: Greetings!!! Neewwbie here!

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    Default Greetings!!! Neewwbie here!

    Hello fellow C.Snappers!

    Just joined the forum after browsing through on my friend's PC, its an amazing site with tons of info and stunning pictures!

    I got my Canon 450D some time back already, I just like snapping. Landscapes and doing some any-how-shooting at weddings! Sadly I have reach a point where I do not know how or how I should do to improve my shots. But I think this site will surely change that!

    Hope to learn from all the experts here!

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    Default Re: Greetings!!! Neewwbie here!

    Minolta. Konica Minolta. Sony

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    Default Re: Greetings!!! Neewwbie here!

    Welcome to CS
    Take the shot!

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    Default Re: Greetings!!! Neewwbie here!

    Hi Flight81, welcome to CS.


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