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Thread: DIY Camera bag

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    Default DIY Camera bag

    hi i'm actually interested in making my own camera bag out of my crumpler bag,
    anyone know where can i get those padding for my bag?
    would really appreciate it.
    thank you.

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    Default Re: DIY Camera bag

    You can try Orient Photo, SLS.
    I bought a couple from them to mod my camelbak into one.

    But some senior member here will tell you to do a search as this topic has been raised before.

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    Default Re: DIY Camera bag

    you can also try camera workshop.
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    Default Re: DIY Camera bag

    OP has them... the orange colored ones @ $25/-
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    Default Re: DIY Camera bag

    Depending on the size of your bag, u can oso consider getting billingham insert, very very well built but ex
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    Default Re: DIY Camera bag

    So it's better to bring your bag down to see if the padding fits your bag?
    I'm actually looking for it online but have no idea where can I find them as most results cameout different from what I'm looking for.
    I would probably go down to look at those paddings but anyone knows which website can I visit to find it

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    Default Re: DIY Camera bag

    Hmm.. I tempted to mod my BIG haversack into a camera backpack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaoken View Post
    Hmm.. I tempted to mod my BIG haversack into a camera backpack.
    Since you are trying to convert a BIG haversack, then it will be difficult to find off -the- shelf inserts.

    I suggest you go to any hardware shop suppying to factories and ask for EVA foam sheet. It comes in 4'X8' and you can then cut it to any shape and size to fit your bag.

    For my small self made cam bag , I used discarded PE foams found in electronic packagings.

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    Default Re: DIY Camera bag

    you can try getting Bucket from crumpler and just put into your crumpler bag. Haha. I intend to do that to Complete Seed. Just a suggestion.


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