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Thread: Where to buy Lumix GF1

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    Default Where to buy Lumix GF1

    Hello Everyone,

    I am newbie and I live in Indonesia.

    I am tempted to have Lumix GF1 but its not available yet in Indonesia. I am going to go to Singapore on Nov 29, so I want to buy this camera In Singapore.

    I've search Singapore's net and every shop in Singapore tell me that this cam sold out.

    Bargain City offer me to make pre order. I tried to search this forum but I cannot find other topic mentioning Bargain City.

    I would glad to receive comment from other member about Bargain City, are they reputable shop? If other member have suggestion other better shop to make pre order please let me know.

    Thank You in advance for any comment.

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    Default Re: Where to buy Lumix GF1

    Try asking those who are in the 4/3 or m4/3 sub-forum.
    They will be able to help you better.

    But I did come across the GF-1 at some electrical appliances stores like BEST and Courts.


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