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Thread: Product (Bird Nest) Shot

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    Any of you ever take pictures of bird nest? Um, as in the product bird nest, not that bird nest usually found on trees

    A friend of mine asks my help to take pictures of bird nest that she's selling. I never do product shots before, so any suggestions on how to take the pictures so that it looks good, with my available equipments? I have D300, 17-50mm, a 50mm and SB900 in my disposal

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    Go for off-camera flash lighting. If possible, use an umbrella with your strobist setup. Use the 17-50mm and shoot at a smaller aperture. You also need to get a clean backdrop and surface for your shot.

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    Maybe a small light tent with dark background and off camera flash(es)?
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    Is your friend expecting 'professional level results'. In that case, the best way is probably to hire a professional.
    No budget for that? Then I'd suggest you search around the web for examples of good shots, and work from there. 'Reverse engineer' the shots -- work out how they were done. Pay attention to lighting, background, composition (including props). You don't have to copy the shots -- but you'll get some good ideas. This is all assuming you have some idea of how to control lighting (flash, continuous or ambient). If you don't, it may be a long process of trial and error.
    Your equipment has very little to do with it -- you can even use a compact if you know what you're doing. Your current set-up is more than adequate, though an additional slave flash or two might prove useful.

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    Thanks guys for the input. Too bad my friend cancelled on last minute, otherwise I would have something to show you for some comments and critics.


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