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    This here is a picture of my friend's dog, who sort of posed for the camera. what area is critique to be sought?
    I plan to use this for a portfolio, and im wondering whether this is as nice a picture as i think it is. So feedback on any part of the photo would be nice

    2.under what circumstance is the picture taken?
    This photo was taken under a yellowish/orange-ish lighting.
    I used photoshop and was messing with the Unsharp mask.

    3.what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture
    Personally this picture makes me feel warm inside, because i think its a cute picture haha!
    And i think some of the details are too dark? correct me if im wrong

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    yeah, this is a very cute photo, but not a wow photo for your portfolio, maybe? I like the warm tone, but sadly the eyes are completely in dark.

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    it doesn't appear to be tired, would be better if you caught it lying on the pillow instead. in this case it's still good but the title doesn't work for me
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    are u sure the picture makes u feel warm??

    how does a picture of a living object make u feel warm when u can't even see the eyes??

    composition needs some work..just a tad too much space on top. the pillow/object with the dog is slightly distracting but not too bad. focusing seems very off..either that or it's the lighting.. i can't tell what's in focus and what isn't.

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    1) way underexposed

    2) white balance does not flatter the dog, why is he looking jaundiced?

    3) do you think it is necessary to include his paws? do you think a closer up with just the head there would be better? why?

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    as others have already mentioned, watch your exposure and white balance. the eyes are key to portraits (including those of the furry variety), so try to capture as much detail in the eyes as possible. cute doggie, though.

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    Hey everyone, thanks for all the advise, really appreciate it


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