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Thread: Photoshop or not Photoshop!

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    I find editing photos help when the photos the camera produce is not what i saw when i took the picture...could be colors or the odd branch that didnt notice before.

    also depends what line you are in....if in fine art and commercial then not really a sin. However in journalism, often its ethics that prevent image editing.
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    >I look at it as a sin or cheating

    Can I assume you tink its cheating because its not 'real' as you see it?eg.Color not as saturated, not as contrasty,etc...

    Is using slow shutter speed to shoot streaks of car rear-lights cheating? My eyes sure doesnt see them..

    Is using fast shutter speed to shoot a F1 car speeding pass cheating? My eyes only see a blur..

    Is using a wide aperture to isolate a foreground subject cheating? My eyes didnt see such a narrow DOF..

    Are the above all 'cheating'?
    For most of us, photography is art, not science...
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    capturing monochrome photos are cheating too; my retinas can sense colours.


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    photoshop is ok, as long as it's not overly photoshopped...
    sin to who ah? to purist photography god?

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