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Thread: POTW statistics

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    Default POTW statistics

    i'm only keeping record of nominees from the latest one unless someone wants to lemme have the nominees from previous ones. Nominee stats will come when theres enough data....

    Winner Stats

    World of Nature: 2 (frog, bee)
    Landscape/Travel: 2 (rivers of light, sunset)
    Street Photography: 1 (kid running)
    Abstract : 1 (ladybug)
    Portrait : 1 (smoking)

    Number of POTW winners where fast autofocus <might> matter (but probably didn't): 1 (kid running)

    Number of POTW winners using ordinary consumer digicam: 3

    Number of Bird pictures that have won: 0 (must be an anti-bird faction somewhere...)

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    Interesting stats u got there.
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