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Thread: Strange things on MRT

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    Quote Originally Posted by StudioFever View Post
    This makes my day
    It sure didnt make my day.......... I was sitting next to the guy who was standing up... thank goodness got a plastic screen to deflect me from his "balls"

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    I've seen this chinese security guard young chap with all the metal badges and cloth badges on his uniform taking the train and alighting at Outram, IIRC.

    I believe that there was a STOMP post about him.

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    I used to take the morning NEL train to camp. There was this one guy who wore slippers and wearing headphones, get on the train, step out of his slippers, put them neatly at the side and start jogging on the spot non-stop till he get off at clarke quay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aeskywan View Post
    Saw on bus not mrt.... guy wearing shirt and pants and leather shoes.. dig nose with ALL 10 fingers... I kid u not.... even use thumb and really sink the digit deep into the nose and turn it around and around.... and then roll the nose **** into ball and flick and then back to nose.. and then smell fingers.....

    I felt like throwing up man......
    Your own fault for looking constantly at him doing all that just look the other way lah!

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