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Thread: DemB It Diffuser

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    Default DemB It Diffuser

    I currently have in my possession an imitation Whaletail, which I use in assignments or situations that require the use of an external flash. As much as I like it, I find that the Whaletail sometimes drains too much power for my liking. I will be getting my own hotshoe flash soon and was looking into the accessory known as the DembIT diffuser. Would appreciate if anyone could share their opinions on this diffuser/bounce thing. Don't want to spend $70 odd bucks on this and have to go DembIT! if it fails

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    Default Re: DemB It Diffuser

    i am using the demb,

    for my event shoots, i would recomend it when it comes to portraits, small groups or close up.
    but for something where i cant get too close or like a big group shot i use my modified light sphere.

    personaly i like the demb.


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