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Thread: Hello! Newbie here

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    Red face Hello! Newbie here

    Hi! all. i just bought a semi prosumer Sony H50 to try out photography. very confused with the functions so thought of joining the forum here for guidance. Any kind soul here can help me with the following topics.

    1) Aperture
    2) Shutter Speed
    3) ISO speed
    4) Exposure
    5) how to take pix of night scenes like the recent Christmas light up at orchard.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello, wolvie77. A very warm welcome to you.
    To answer all your question and more, please click here:
    Photography notes for Newbies
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    for #5 u will probably need a tripod.

    for #1 to #4 u can find from stickies like limwhow has suggested or u can search for them.
    plenty of info available if u search.

    and welcome to CS!

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    Welcome to CS Tons of info in the newbies section.
    Take the shot!

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    You would be able to find a lot of info on the topics which you have listed online. Try doing a search.
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