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Thread: Nikon lens to oly body

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    Default Nikon lens to oly body

    Hi all, got a question to ask.

    If I use a nikon F mount(or whatever system) to 4/3s converter ring, does AF, metering, etc. still works as normal?

    What do I have to watch out for?

    Or is it dependent on the ring(with electronic contacts,etc.)?


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    Default Re: Nikon lens to oly body

    that would depend on the converter....

    I have no experience in this, but if I were to hazard a guess.... I'd say... it's likely not to work as normal.
    Exploring! :)

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    Default Re: Nikon lens to oly body

    You *miiiiiiiiight* get metering. But AF will almost surely not work.


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