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Thread: MacBook Pro 17 ... Glossy or Matt

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    About to purchase a MacBook Pro 17 inch but undecisive on the type of screen, Glossy or Matt. I use Capture NX 2. Prices is a lot cheaper in HK. Any advice for the screen type and best place to purchase in HK? Thanks

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    Matt if you work your mac outdoors to reduce glare onto your screen, or in bright lighting environments. Else, Glossy for clearer, seemingly more vibrant show of colors and contrast. You can always buy screen protectors and paste them over to make it Matt or Glossy. Just my simple 2c.
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    Get the glossy for better colour.
    If you dont like it, stick on a matt screen protector.

    If I'm not wrong, the glossy ones are the ones which are stock stocks.
    You will have to wait for MBP if you order the matt screens, might be too much of a hassle, assuming that you'll be in HK for a short holiday.
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    I am staying in Macau until mid Dec. HK has this educational pricing which makes it even cheaper but not in Macau.


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