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Thread: Advise needed for new DSLR

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    Default Advise needed for new DSLR

    I'm new to DSLR & planning to get the Canon 500D next week. Read a few threads that I should get filters and dry cabinets too along with my new purchase.

    Could anyone advise on what filters should I get if I like Nature, Landscape and Portrait photography?

    With regards to the dry cabinets, where can I get a reasonable priced one?

    Please feel free to give me your advise if there is anything else you think I should take note or buy, especially for an amateur. Thanks!

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    1. None. Only get filters when you know how they are used and in what situation you would use what filter. You could get a UV filter to protect your lens first though.

    2. All photography shops and even larget supermarkets like carrefour sell them.

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    Default Re: Advise needed for new DSLR

    All your questions have been discussed many times and with a lot of contribution from many people here. Please browse through the Newbies Corner and Equipment threads (hint: Dry Cabinets are 'others'). You may also feed Google with "Photographic Filters" (just to reduce the amount of hits showing filters for coffee and tea). CPL are quite commonly used for landscapes. In general: get filters when you know what they do and when you know that you need this effect.


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