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Thread: What to check for when purchasing a 2nd hand camera

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    Default What to check for when purchasing a 2nd hand camera


    What should I check for when inspecting a 2nd hand camera prior to closing the sale? Any particular places that are prone to damage or any function to try that will 'expose' specific malfunctions?

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    There is too much function to check..

    What are you buying? A cosumer digital, SLR or DSLR?

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    I have been offered a Canon EOS 50. but it's 6 yrs old :P

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    some of the thingz u may wanna look out for ( not in any order )

    1) scratchez on the body

    2) scratchez in the film compartment

    3) the AF

    4) all the buttonz / command dial

    5) the built-in speedlite ( if there iz 1 )

    6) the hotshoe ( try to get a flazh mounted onto the body n take a few shotz n see if the flazh triggerz )

    7) viewfinder

    8) LCD dizplay

    there may be some more ..... blah blah blah .....


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