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Thread: Can share info on CF card

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    I'm noob to these CF card and have seen currently a few which doesn't even states any 30X or 40X or 50X speed which I commonly heard ppls ask, so, theorically, what & how to check out these "X" speed? cos I don't recalled seeing any on one of those CF card brand such as Toshiba only manage to see that there's model no, so, I read up on the website and found that these are what its mentioned : Substained Write up to 3.2 MBytes/sec. Substained Read up to 6.5MBytes/sec, so if this is a 256MB card, then how to know the no of "X" speed? like what I mentioned above eg 30X 40X 50X speed ?

    Thanks for sharing.

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    The base unit is actually 150KiloByte (or KB in short) for 1 Time (or 1x in short). So a 3MB/s card is rated to be a 20x card in short. Normally manufacturers rate the card for the read speed (write speed is 99.5% of the time slower). Say the Transcend 30x, which is about 4.5MB/s, can be read at about 4.5MB/s, but writes at about 3.8MB/s (about 25x only).

    Hope this help.

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    OK, but where did u managed to find out the base unit is 150kilobyte for 1x? so normally those un-rated packing CF cards are basically only 20X am I right?

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    Maybe this could help?

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    What does 4X, 12X, 16X, 32X,and40X (1X=150KB/sec.) performance mean?

    Because digital film WRITE performance is so important in capturing the right picture at the right moment, Lexar Media has implemented an easy-to-understand system to indicate the speed at which the card is capable of storing data. The system is adopted from the CD-ROM industry, in which the performance of CD-ROM drives are rated in "X" increments, where 1X is equal to a minimum sustained write speed of 150 kilobytes (KB) per second. Lexar Media will continue to introduce faster products with greater "X" ratings, giving consumers an easy way to recognize the latest in high-performance digital film.

    4X = Capable of 600KB/sec. Minimum Sustained Write Speed
    12X = Capable of 1.8MB/sec. Minimum Sustained Write Speed
    16X = Capable of 2.4MB/sec. Minimum Sustained Write Speed
    32X = Capable of 4.8MB/sec. Minimum Sustained Write Speed
    40X = Capable of 6.0MB/sec. Minimum Sustained Write Speed


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