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    I am very interested in IR photography, after some reading and purchased of the R72 filter, use it with my D80 camera, But the result is not what your guys there having, my leave is not white, attached the photo here, can any goodguys there help.


    This is what I captured by using D80 with the R72 filter, expoure ard 20 sec.

    In Photoshop, in the channel mixer, under red output, change red to 0% and blue to 100%, this is what I have.

    Continue change the blue output, blue 0% and red 100%.

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    you need to do custom WB, check your camera manual for how to set custom WB, you need to take a patch of green foliage as WB reference
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    Dude, first of all welcome to the IR world..Secondly you should be posting this in the IR sub forum rather than the general discussion forum.

    Refer these threads for further information

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    Please read the stickies in the IR sub-forum, or read the numerous guides easily searched online for the steps you are missing. It's not as easy as just adding the filter and then channel mixing.

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    Thanks Brothers,

    Will try to explore more, if any other questions will post in the IR forum.


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    need to set custom wb.

    i can squeeze out similar stuff, but i am not sure whether it is because you have underexposed the image, or because you didn't have a custom wb..

    in photoshop, go to hue/saturation, set at master, -30 saturation
    auto levels, auto color:

    looks like overcast conditiions to me, but couldn't say for sure

    saturation +20
    channel swap:

    to get a blue sky you need that area to be devoid of clouds.


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