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Thread: On TV:Mark Seliger shooting Giselle Bundchen

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    Lightbulb On TV:Mark Seliger shooting Giselle Bundchen

    Did you catch Mark Seliger shooting Giselle Bundchen for the cover of Rolling Stones on our TV? A famed fashion model appearing on the cover of a rock and roll music magazine! Why did fashion and music come together ? Whew!

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    Default On TV:Mark Seliger shooting Giselle Bundchen

    yeap. saw it on TV. i think it was some fashion program.
    from what i see he was using medium format with digital back.
    he was able to print the photos for the model Giselle to bring back after the assignment.
    Giselle had a great body.

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    Lightbulb lightings

    did you observe his lighting? I think it was a low light slightly off-right of the camera. many shots were taken, of which many were NG (no good). the shot selected was for the cover of rolling stones. noticed the shadows falling on the model's right, were quite hard. the pose was good with eyes at the camera. camera was quite bulky, like a Mamiya as opposed to a Hasselbald.


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