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    Just thought i would share this...

    Adrian Pang and Remesh Panicker, comes together in a potent combination of laughter, mirth, wit and comedy.

    In Neil Simon's Odd couple, Pang exudes enough charms/neuroses to portray the neurotic Felix Ungar convincely while Panicker, with his stage presence and voice, let his weight as Oscar Madison, Felix's friend, who extend him an invitation to stay, when Felix's wife divorces him.

    Definately worth watching, with the pace, dialogue and sheer wit that is evident throughout the entire play.

    In the 2nd half of the show's run, Pang & Panicker will actually be switching roles, taking on each other's character. Ought ro be real fun.
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    noe anyone in the production for associates' rates? student rates? any idea which production house it's by?

    *sollie, me is one poor student*


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