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Thread: Are You a Computer Addict?

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    Default Are You a Computer Addict? what area is critique to be sought?
    Post Processing

    2.what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?
    To give computer addicts a wake-up call

    3.under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)
    Own room, Window light was the primary source. A small lamp as fill in light.

    4.what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture.
    Was hoping for a bluer hand. scotch tape used to show how many people have their hands glued on the mouse. key board in the background to fill it up. deliberately grainy to give the feel of computer pixels. I feel blue works best as it is cold.

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    Default Re: Are You a Computer Addict?

    nice idea, but a little bit cheesy... looks like those posters at bus stations... :P

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    Default Re: Are You a Computer Addict?

    the mouse isn't prominent .If you didnt say the title,I would have no idea it's a mouse

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    Default Re: Are You a Computer Addict?

    Like your idea. The composition can be improve by exposing more keyboard and may the screen. If not other will think you are doing waxing on your hand.

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    Default Re: Are You a Computer Addict?

    Nice concept but a bit hackneyed.

    Try reshooting it with the camera further around to the left and with a lower angle so that the keyboard is almost parallel to the cameras perspectve. Play with lighting angles to get the shafts of natural light behind the hand and not over esposing the skin on the hand. You may be pleasantly surprised by the result.
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    Default Re: Are You a Computer Addict?

    thanks for the kind comments guys. perhaps i'll revisit it soon. so looks like perhaps need a clearer looking mouse and more keyboard to give it greater context? kinda blew the highlights to bring some contrast.

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    Default Re: Are You a Computer Addict?

    With this picture, I think I'd seen something on the similar theme, a guy, with his eyes stare/glue to the monitor ( this guy has got a pair of eye glasses, and the monitor is being reflected onto the lenses, a common trick actually ). View of angle is from side of monitor towards the subject, only a profile of the monitor can be seen. Camera angle slightly below the chin of subject. Subject fully grown with beard and oily face, a weary look. One hand on keyboard, other on mouse, sitting on a normal office chair...

    The killing part...from his hair down to his shoulder, arm and chairs and around the computor are ... spider web. That seems to round up everything.

    Of course, it's an illustrative shot done in the studio.


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