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Thread: December Hong Kong trip

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheStig View Post
    It would depend on what you're looking for.

    My favorite mall is located near the Central MTR Station. I don't remember the name of the mall, but there's Harvey Nichols inside. It has some high end boutiques also. Sometimes I also shop at Harbour City. Oh, and the area around Harbour City is good as well.

    My mom and sister usually go to Lai Chi Kok (if I'm not mistaken) to buy stuff. If you wanna buy some shady electronics (like cell phones or even cameras) at unbelievable price, you might wanna try Mongkok.
    It's called IFC.

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    Food recommendation

    Don't bother going to fancy restaurants for Dim Sum. Just go to Lin Heung at the end of Wellington Street at Central. A good reference for Wellington Street is also Yung Kee Restaurant (which serves the famous roast goose).

    Lin Heung is an old school place filled mostly with older folk who sit there for hours on end just sipping tea and picking dim sum off the carts that go by every once in a while. It's a cultural experience you just do not get at the fancy restaurants.

    In my opinion, this is the only place to go for authentic HK dim sum. If you do go there, do wait until you get to try the Lotus Paste bao. Locals would tell you that it is a must try! If i'm not wrong, they come fresh out of the oven before 1030 and after 130pm.

    Here are some pictures:

    - Siew Mai with Quail Egg! and Siew Mai with Pig's Stomach! Must try!!

    - The highly recommended Lotus Paste Bao Glorious filling, just like a mooncake

    Camera shop

    Personally, I do find that it isn't really necessary to just stick to the recommended shop list such as Tin Cheung, Wing Shing, Man Shing, etc. Even the shops with big neon signs along Nathan Road are able to match the prices. Just be sure to know exactly what you want as the shops in HK seldom allow you to test the lens unless you have paid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shen siung View Post
    Thanks for this small guide.
    Nevertheless HK tourist board seems the ultimate useful free info provider - their website, and their brochures at airport
    Thanks for the guide.

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