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Thread: Photograph Oversea Couples in Singapore

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    Default Photograph Oversea Couples in Singapore

    Hi all,

    I'm very new in wedding photography industry. I need some advise from all Big brothers here.

    I am currently partnering with a friend to tied up with Bridal Boutique in Indonesia, planning to bring Chinese couples from Indonesia to Singapore for Photoshoot.

    Our target is to bring in 10-20 couples per month and we estimated a 4 hours shoot to different outdoor locations per couple. While doing the calculations, it need some advice and information.

    Our concern,

    1. is it difficult to get freelance experience and professional pre-wedding photographer in S'pore?

    2. will the cost be very high? estimate rate for photoshoot without editing and album? just soft copy only?

    3. customer if require night shoot, is there additional charges?

    4. is there any cheap n good rental of van or car with chauffering the couples around for about 4hrs shoot ? What is the cost?

    5. If there is too many couples, can 1 photographer shoot 2 couples in a day?

    6. what if it rains, how is the arrangement?

    7. Merlion is a must! is an icon of Singapore. What is the best time to take pictures at Merlion with lesser crowd?

    is there anything else i need to take note of ?

    Thanks in advance !!

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    Default Re: Photograph Oversea Couples in Singapore

    why dont you hire me as a consultant and i can write the business plan for you?
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