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Thread: What flash for my Oly E510?

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    Default What flash for my Oly E510?

    Hi, wish to get a third party flash for my camera as the original one is so ex.

    Am thinking of the Sunblitz Ai 829TW , is it suitable for my cam? I read somewhere olympus E-system takes up to 250V, some says up to 6V only (because =4 nos. AA batteries ?)

    As long as the flash's trigger voltage do not exceed the cam's threshold, it should be compatible right?

    I researched there are many 3rd party out there like in the Mass Sales section --> Tumax, Yongnuo, and others like Metz which is more ex than Olympus flashes......

    Need your advise...thanks in advance !!!
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    Default Re: What flash for my Oly E510?

    Oly FL-36 flash?
    It's good enough for me, but the refresh rate after a full-fired flash is a little slow.


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