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Thread: Recommended SLR Camera for absolute beginners

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    Go 2nd hand shop like The Camera Workshop at Penisular Hotel, play with some of the Canon or Nikon camera. Just go for whichever u feel more comfortable with.

    For me, I think EOS5 is a very good machine to start and grow with. Coupled with VG10, its a darling

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    Quote Originally Posted by feryl

    I would like to get an entry level SLR camera to try my hand at simple photography and its functions (with the hope that one day i may learn enough to do more). However, I am confused at the range of cameras available. So can someone recommended a simple and cheap ($200-300) camera with an adequate zoom lens? My personal preference would be either Nikon or Canon.
    Get a fully manual camera. I started off with one and really learnt alot about exposure etc. Started with a Ricoh KR-5sv. Can lend you if you want... Comes with a 35-70mm lens

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    this issue is very simple to handle:

    1. try to read up and learn everything on your own. it takes only a few months to master the technical basics and make it a natural thing to do
    2.while doing so, use the cheapest body and the kit lens
    3.afetr the few months are over, make sure u have enough money to buy thr best bodies and the best lenses. at this stage, u r already a pro in your own right. you wont have to ask questions fro manyone anymore. u have already learnt everything on your own, made up your mind on what equiptment to use, what style u own. its only those niche areas and "creative" areas like macro, portrait posing that at this stage then u start to tackle
    4.simple and fuss free approach ^_^

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    Pentax MZ-30 w/ 35-80 for only $199
    w/ qdate for $229

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