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Thread: Don't keep fish, it kills !!!!

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    Exclamation Don't keep fish, it kills !!!!

    I work as a Tech Support guy and this is a true story.
    So, I am at Paul's house one night, and he tells me that his Motorola
    SBG1000 cable modem unit had stopped working the night before. It was
    late; he was checking his last e-mail, when he noticed his Internet
    connection had apparently gone out. Being tired, he thought it was just
    a glitch and went to bed. The next morning, still no 'net connection.
    Paul is a first rate tech guy, so he knows his way around things. The
    usual rebooting of the unit, rebooting his laptop, checking all the
    cables, still a no-go situation. The cable modem/wireless AP was
    unreachable either via cable, or wireless. No IP number, nothing.
    Resetting the unit at factory default was useless. Lights were on, but
    nobody’s at home. The router was AWOL. So there he is, looking at his
    now useless cable modem thinking.. now what ? That is when he noticed
    the fish in his fish-tank was missing. The fish was gone. The fish-tank
    is next to the cable modem unit, on the desk. What the heck.. ? No, it
    cannot be, Paul thinks as he looks behind his desk. Sure enough, his
    missing fish is still on the carpet, behind his desk. The way we figured
    it out, the fish jumped out of the fish tank, landed on top of the cable
    modem, shorted it out, and finally fallen behind the desk. In the
    morning the fish was still alive (not for long anyway....)
    The fish had killed the cable modem, and outlasted it. This is the first
    time I have seen a router killed by a fish. Amazing.

    got this from a newsgroup.
    Objection !!!

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    lol. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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    poor fish, it must be shock for it to jump out.


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