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Thread: Newbies -- Camera Bag Recommendation

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    Hi everyone, i just got my Nikon D90 Kit 18-105mm, it comes with a camera bag Lowepro Rezo AW 190. The bag is too big for me, so i am planning to sell it and buy a smaller one. Anyone using any small camera bag that can fit in a DSLR and maybe 1 to 2 lens? Although i have only 1 lens now but planning to buy a 50mm f1.8 and maybe 55-200mm lens in the future. Thanks
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    i say keep the bag. next time u can filled it with, flash, filter, batteries, WATER BOTTLE(impt stuff), TISSUE PAPER, Maps, torch, etc etc.
    or u might need it for travelling to fill all ur gears.
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    erm, wanna trade? I just bought my Canon 500D and it comes with an original Canon bag that kinda looks like yours, just smaller and with the Canon logo.

    Haa, naah, I'm kidding.. you should invest in a better bag with side pockets to access different components of the bag. Try walking around Funan and check out Kata bags. Can cost about $70 - $100++? I think there's a pricelist somehwere in clubsnap.

    I'm personally using a Crumpler as it's more stylish, but it seriously lacks the weatherproofing that real camera bags can provide.

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    keep it as ur gears will grow...

    flash like sb600 can be veri useful too
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