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Thread: Buying Stuff on ebay?

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    Hi, just wondering has anyone bought anything from ebay before? I'm looking at IR filter and i realised ebay got some good deals. I'm looking at this IR filter below. Only USD26.99 for a 77mm R72! Though it's isnt hoya. Any comments?

    Initially i tot of buying a 52mm IR filter which is affordable for my 50mm f1.8 lens. But im worried it doesnt cover wide enough. Then i came across this 77mm filter which i can use for my 18-200mm lens with a step up ring. Anyone uses the 50mm lens for their IR photos before?

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    question, what are you going to shoot with 50mm and ir?

    ir tends to be more widely used for landscapes. 50mm is not a very common focal length in aps-c to use for landscapes. i'm not saying that no, it can't be used. i'm just saying that it can be a bit rare that you would use it to be honest. when i go travelling i don't bring my 50mm for any other purpose except for the rare chance that i might use it or that i might meet some cats..

    better to get it for your 18-200mm.

    canon 50mm f/1.8 mk I and mk II are both listed as good for IR in this thread put up kindly by the IR regulars:

    that said, while ir filter a claims to cut off 720nm, and ir filter b claims to cut off 720nm too, it doesn't mean they give the same results.

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    I also buy the accessories on ebay... the deals are good and there is no monkey business. u can compare same product with diffferent sellers. the prices should be almost same.

    Do note though, that those products are low cost made ones. like china mades. or compatible. but they are worthwhile. I have experience buying hoods, caps, filters and grips from the ebay stores.

    instead of going to Sim Lim to buy the same things.. they start at high prices there.

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    I buy some of my stuff from ebay. Do note the seller's feedback/reputation, usually I only buy from power sellers.
    Do use common sense sometimes, if the price is too good to be true or if the seller demands to use only western union or similar type of payment, this shd ring an alarm.

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    dun mind i hijack ur thread...
    i see some power sellers selling camera bags like lowepro, domke etc... however their pricing is so much lower than the major shops offering here... is there a chance could be fake?
    then again, fake for smthing so cheap oso abit weird leh... wats your take?

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    can camera lens be shipped into singapore? is there a regulation regarding lens/binoculars etc stuffs cannot ship into singapore?

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    no restrictions on that, i can't imagine if there is..
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    I've bought an IR filter before for my modded for IR P&S. It was a small filter, think 25mm or so, and it works ok for me. It's almost permanently stuck to my camera lens now. When I was considering it, my line of thought is that since it's not too expensive, I'm ok if it's problematic. And since I'm not in a hurry to use it, I can always send messages to the seller to see if something can be resolved.

    As for buying more expensive stuff online, be it from eBay or other websites, do remember that if the seller states the price of the item to be more than S$400, you'll have to pay GST in addition to whatever price you're paying online.
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    im also wondering the same thign- and its not just for cheaper products that are lower in price.
    im thinking of buying a B+W CPL filter for my canon lens, i got a quote of around SGD160 from some of the recommended stores.. this one is SGD86 and free shippipng.. the guy is in hong kong, and a power seller on ebay.. very high positive feedback n all.. should be an authentic B+W filter, right?
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    I used to buy the uv filter from ebay where the seller in hk.
    happy to deal in ebay and the price there is very good!
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    thanks ^^ maybe i'll go ahead n buy this one..
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