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Thread: Buying Filters in ebay?

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    Default Buying Filters in ebay?

    Hi, just wondering has anyone bought anything from ebay before? I'm looking at IR filter and i realised ebay got some good deals. I'm looking at this IR filter below. Only USD26.99 for a 77mm R72 Hoya! Any comments?

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    Ok...i just realised it's not's FOR HOYA. Lol

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    Default Re: Buying Filters in ebay?

    Read carefully. It's not even a Hoya, it's also not for Hoya. It's just an IR filter that looks or promises to work like a Hoya (according description).

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    My experience is, always ask them questions if you are unsure, especially if you are buying optics or body.

    But plastic items like lens cap or blower is quite straight forward.


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