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Thread: trees!!!

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    Default trees!!!

    so dark
    bo pian

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    after some PS

    it should actually look like this... evening time...... not enough light ah

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    hey, u stay near toa payoh stadium issit?

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    Hi MaGixShOe,

    If you don't mind some comments, here are a few things that I observed:

    1. Lack of focus of interest. Ok, they are some trees, but why do you think the viewers would be interested in some trees? And what story/message are you trying to tell the viewers? This is very important, and it will either make or break a shot.
    2. Weak subject. There should only be one subject in a pic and no more, the rest of the things should only be in support role, and if they are not, they become distractions. In this case, if your subject is a tree, you should be taking only *one* tree. If there are more then one tree, the tree that is your main subject should stand out from the rest (be it lighting, meaning brighter from the rest, or unique shape, or different color, etc.)

    Also, 2nd and 3rd shots are blur, probably due to camera shake. Try using a faster shutter/wider aperture, or take in more favourable lighting condition (bright sun), or use a tripod (or at least some form of support e.g. lamp post to help you stabilize your camera).

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