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Thread: Early versions of Softwares

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    Before I throw them away, I have decided to take a picture to share for information purpose.

    Those using or familar with Trendmicro Antivirus PC-cillin 20xx software today, here is probably the earliest consumer version of PC-cillin from Trend Micro Device Inc in 1989 off California office. The earliest PC DOS version comes with hardware dongle which is plugged into the parallel port (printer port) to record the boot sector information. I probably threw the dongle away, so here is the picture.

    Trend Micro Device came out with Chipkill, integrated into the computer mainboard BIOS too.

    Then came the first windows PC-cillin II. Afterwhich the company was sold off if I am not wrong.

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    Good old classic.
    P e r s p e c t i v e

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    I used to have Windows 3.1 soft floppy disk when it comes with my old 486 system. Now everything's gone liao. Hahaha...

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    Why this early version of antivirus gives me a deep impression is the integrated hardware dongle, which was later replaced by floppy boot recovery.
    In fact the 1989 version included a program that load a memory space allowing user to run a suspected virus program and will detect if it program to attempting a virus behaviour that is not in its database, aka day zero virus.

    Of course there were many utility programs back then (like direct access menu) but I no longer possess the originals. So once discarded, they will be gone forever. Of course McAfee runs earlier than that in the bulletin era but the technology variation was not so special.

    There was once sales of the Nashoft (India company) antivirus here in SIN but sales locally was short live. The company still exist today in India.

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    wow, whats amazing is that you have original
    Sim lim & pasar malam were so fun then...

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    i haven't seen floppy disks in a very long time, it seems.


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