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Thread: B-Wing Fighter Bomber

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    Default B-Wing Fighter Bomber what area is critique to be sought?
    This is my first attempt at displaying a photo for critique at CS.
    I would like feedback on a few things:
    a. composition
    - I am trying out the technique of taking small objects in a controlled lighting environment, so I have placed the subject in the centre of the photo. Should I have considered the rule of 3rds? And should I have placed the subject at eye-level in relation to the subject's front? How would I improve the focus on the object - some parts seem to be OOF.

    b. lighting
    - I used 2 x 40watt tungsten spotlights on the left and right of the subject, which was in a light tent (using tracing paper as the walls. It still produced some light shadow under the subject. Should I be concerned about this shadow (is it better to eliminate all shadows altogether?). Should I have used stronger light sources? The photo looks greyed out.

    c. post processing
    - i cropped the photo to 80% of original canvas size, and used the bightness/contrast control to make the photo lighter. What further pp techniques should I use to improve the photo?

    2.what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?

    I would like to learn to be able to take good quality photos of small objects in a light tent setting - for cataloguing my hobbies collections. I would like to also improve skills in taking small objects and close ups.

    3.under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)

    I constructed a small light tent using a cardboard box and tracing paper, and used 2 x 40watt tungsten spotlights from the sides, and a 40 watt warm daylight from the top (dining room lamp) for the lighting.

    Manual setting 75mm, 1/80 sec, f5.3, manual focus, using a 18-200mm zoom. White balance set to tungsten. Handheld. No flash.

    4.what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture

    I took many shots of various items. This one seems the better of the lot.
    I feel that the lighting is still not sufficient; focus could be better, perhaps a different background than white would bring out a more vibrant picture.

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    Default Re: B-Wing Fighter Bomber should be a case study...

    regarding ur OOF parts..nothing to do with ur focusing. but rather ur aperture. open up to maybe f8?

    exposure wise..try center-metering. but since u r using manual exposure, try a longer exposure.
    picture is slightly under-exposed.

    composition-wise: another angle might be more interesting..this is too 'boring' u don't have to show the entire object, but if u want to, try taking from another angle(maybe higher/lower to the right/left)

    if u want to get rid of shadows, use a reflector. or an additional light pointing to the base of the object.

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    Default Re: B-Wing Fighter Bomber

    Yea the angle is not very interesting. Find one that suggests action/motion, make the figure more dynamic.

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    Default Re: B-Wing Fighter Bomber

    Check out brother fragnatic product and anime thread ... it is quite comprehensive and a lots of image to guide you

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    Default Re: B-Wing Fighter Bomber

    Thanks for the tips! Different angle.. yes.. why didn't I think of that!

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    Default Re: B-Wing Fighter Bomber

    Quote Originally Posted by Rendell View Post
    Check out brother fragnatic product and anime thread ... it is quite comprehensive and a lots of image to guide you
    just saw the fragnatic thread.... wow... great... looks like i'm still a padawan when it comes to these shots... well, back to the jedi academy and try and improve!


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