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Thread: Canon V2 will be out this coming week

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    Default Canon V2 will be out this coming week

    Expected price will be $580-$600

    Thats a 30% difference in introductory price from its 'ancester' s110, which is $900. I will wan to check out the real difference in size...

    meanwhile, does 3x optical zoom has any big advantage over one with 2x? is the 1x difference reli necessary? Please give yr opinion guys.. thanks

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    I think that a 1x zoom really make a different.

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    the more the merrier

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    the reason im asking that is because i cant reli decide between ixus s330 and ixus V2. V2 is smaller but the optical zoom is only 2 X, while s330 is bigger, mainly becoz it has 3x optical zoom. i believe s330 will be roughly $100 more expensive then V2 as well.... hmmm.... so 3x or 2x, small or bigger?

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    depends on wat factors u wan

    do u need the zoom more or the size of the cam??

    nothing is perfect in this world...


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