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Thread: Rename / Numbering the photos

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    Hi all I wonder are there any software for number/rename the photo image eg DCS001, DSC002 DSC003 etc when I click the rename. As my windowXP can only do when I want to rename eg DSC001, DSC001(1), DSC001(2) etc Looks so stupid, who wants to rename the photo image with brackets

    I know Mac can do the renaming conveniently to DSC001, DSC002, DSC003 etc If there is any software that can do that


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    This can be done with simple scripting.

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    Nikon viewNX can do that, the best part is you can rename NEF+jpg together.

    if you looking for heavy duty super fancy file rename freeware, try Bulk Rename Utility
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    I use Adobe Bridge that come with PS CS4. You can even select how many digits you want.

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    Thanks bros I manager w window xp again with the brakets numbering and its works nicely


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