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Thread: Trances...Fans here????

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    Default Trances...Fans here????


    Jus wondering there anyone into Trances or Clubbing???

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    me me me!!

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    <--- Look there. hoho. . .

    more sexxy sexxy beats baby.... =)

    and... apa trances... trance lah....

    anyone wanna share fav artist/tunes?

    been lost recently, me not up to date to the newer songs... still playing above and beyond's sleeping satelites.. heh.. and andain..

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    my 1 hour long techno mp3s...dunno steve lawler, chicane, or whatever haven't really go n listen to it yet

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    <- Tranceaddict here.

    Big fan of Paul van Dyk, DJ Tiesto, Armin van Buuren. Missed the recent PvD gig at St. James's Powerhouse though.

    Oh the uninformed....trance is not techno and vice versa...techno is another genre of dance music as opposed to the euro cheesy "ah beng techno" which u hear on 91.3.

    Some happening tracks right now which I'm plugging into:

    Super 8 - Alba (Original Mix)
    G & M Project - Sunday Afternoon (M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
    Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (Above & Beyond / Sweeping Strings remixes)
    Mr. Sam vs Tim Coltrane pres. The Tribute - Day One (Mr. Sam vs Fred Baker Mix)
    FX ZONE - Synthasia (NU-Nrg remix)
    NU-NRG - Connective (Original mix)
    Miro - By Your Side (Ronski Speed Dub Mix)
    Alto - Rush (Super 8 vs Orkidea Mix)
    DJ Tatana - Soulcry

    Trance music gives me such a rush!

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    Default Trance

    Count me in! Hard core Zouker! Always at HMV dance section.

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    I used to listen to trance music in NS and Uni now more into Bossa Nova. Here's a link for those who want to find out about trance and electronic music.
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