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    Default Help needed.

    I am new here. Just wish to learn more about how to take photo with my DSLR.
    I am equip with a Olympus E-410 with 14-42mm lens.
    Here are some of my question :

    -Can anyone list me some common short form that you people use in forum ? (ie. OOD (Out of Focus))
    -I am using Olympus E-410. I am just wondering what kind of lens i am able to use ? is it only for olympus ? or others ?
    -Personally i prefer taking macro/close-up photo. Any suggestion lens for my E-410 in order to take a close-up photo ?

    Lastly, a big thank you for you for helping me here.

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    Default Re: Help needed.

    acronyms -

    others stuff you should use the search function in CS to explore the forums. Also, use Google to help you further in your search for the required/desired lenses.

    Heh it didn't take Einstien a day to figure everything out.
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