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Thread: Need advice for trekking to EBC!

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    Default Need advice for trekking to EBC!

    Hi all!!!

    I'm intending to make a trip to Nepal in early May and do the Everest Base Camp trek. Has anyone done this trip before or has done it alone? Need advice on accomodation, transport, hiring of porters/guides (recommend?)

    Would love to hear personal accounts. =)

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    Lightbulb it's a long plan..


    For a's a supan long write ups on the tips and tricks, and the planning involved for a trip up to the EBC. The necessary gears, logistics, travel ops and arrangements. Perhaps, if you dun mind, buy a full day's of tea breaks..i run thro with you..

    Just kidding.. :P

    If you do not mind, no string attached, no obligation...

    I do like to, recommend, or a better word, intro you to speak to a friend of mine. Mr Gordan, owner of Adventure21 ( Go knock on his door, chat with him. He's an experienced guide to routes into Tibet, Nepals, Himalayas and EBC/ABC areas. He does org and lead trips, to these highlands, thro' out the year.

    Just feel free to pm me, if you need any further information.

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    thks for the info!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnail
    thks for the info!!
    one book to get is Trekking in the Everest Region . Kino bookstore should have it.

    May is also the climbing season, so the EBC route will be crowded. Lodges maybe fill up easily.

    As for doing it alone, i have seen many ppl did it alone..though there are some parts (high pass etc) where you may like go in a group.


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