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Thread: Canon Speedlight\Sigma 500DG Fill Flash

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    Default Canon Speedlight\Sigma 500DG Fill Flash

    - How exactly does fill flash work? What's the difference between fill flash and the normal flash?

    - I heard on the canon speedlights, only in Av and Tv mode of the EOS bodies will the speedlight fire off in fill-flash mode? How come in manual you can't fire fill flash?

    - So does the Sigma 500DG Super fire off fill-flash also in Av and Tv mode?
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    fill flash? I always thought that just means when the object is too backlit you use fill flash.......

    Do you mean auto flash reduction?

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    Fill-flash is a technique to fill in the shadows of a strongly lit object by another external light source. E.g. a subject standing with his back to the sun will create a silhouette effect without fill-flash.

    Another example: a subject under bright noon sun will have hard shadows under his nose and chin. A fill-flash acts as a secondary light source to "fill-in" the shadow areas, thus making them less pronouced.

    Fill flash is not exactly another kind of flash or flash mode per se, but it's more like a technique. "Normal" flash is used when you are expecting the flash to act as the primary light source to illuminate your subject. With advanced flash metering techniques like TTL and its variants the flash will adjust its strength accordingly to provide a correctly-lit subject instead of being too bright or too dark.

    As for the Canon Speedlite question, I'm not too sure about it 'cos I don't have much experience playing with flash.


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