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    Hi guys,

    I realize that there are a ton of these threads out there, but even though I've been reading all the review I can find, I still can't really figure out which flash to go with. Budget is a definite factor here, since I won't be using the flash too often. I've narrowed it down to:

    Canon 270EX
    Nissin Di466
    Nissin Di622

    Now, there are two main things I'll be using them for:

    - Portraits and such taken in clubs where it is usually very dark
    - Macro photography where the built in flash is way too direct and tends to overexaggerate shadows and blow highlights

    The question is, is there any reason to not just spring for the cheapest one? Do the more expensive flashes (or just the Di622 for that matter) provide anything useful for these purposes, that the cheaper ones cannot?


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    can consider sunpak too
    Canon 1000D, 17-55mm kit lens, 50mm F1.8, 55-250mm IS

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    Default Re: Which flash?

    Hi, you can try the Tumax DPT386AFZ. Good color and balance. Have been using it for quite awhile and its serving me well

    Here are some random shot of a moth taken with the Tumax flash



    Take the shot!


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